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Bhakti Ayurveda | Welcome to the World of Ayurveda

Vaidya Travels

Are you drawn to study or use Ayurvedic holistic healthcare?

Vaidya travels as a messenger of absolute health to you. Holistic health advocacy starts with you at your doorstep.

Organise with Vaidya for your clients at your chosen place / Ayurveda center / Yoga studio/ Spa/ Retreat/ Resort etc.

It seems like everyone is inspired, aware and is talking about Ayurvedic, holistic or alternative healthcare these days. The healthcare model/ system is beginning the process of looking at the impact of integrative or complementary and alternative medicine, and duly incorporating concepts of wellness, prevention, and natural medicine into the healthcare model.

If you are one of those folks who are drawn to an updated education and a career in holistic health approaches to wellness Vaidya helps to keep you informed and updated in a rapidly changing healthcare landscape.

Whatever your career path, the knowledge of what is happening in the world of holistic health; news, policy, and research will enhance your ability to effectively participate in healthcare reform and transformation and ensure you are an informed user and practitioner, such as a Ayurvedic holistic health practitioner.

Vaidya encourages you to stay informed and find opportunities to use your expertise and to voice your opinion through writing, teaching, activism, education and practically organising.

*1) Organise Consultations with Vaidya – Pulse assessment.

2) Organise Trainings with Vaidya – Seminar and Trainings at Beginners or advanced levels.

3) Organise Prana Panchakarma Rasayana Retreat with Vaidya – possibility for 1, 5 or 7 days sessions.

4) Organise Satvika Spiritual Solutions with Vaidya – Individual Intimate Mentoring Sessions outside classroom and in Nature.

5) Experience and organise Suvarna Bindu Samskara – Bhakti Ayurveda’s unique ritual to build long lasting health sessions for your kids and whole family with Vaidya.

6) Explore and organise Bhakti Ayurveda Tirtha Yatra – Soul of India with Vaidya

7) Bhakti Ayurveda Sthapatya Veda – a set of architectural and planning principles.


*1) Arogya Dham is an Ayurveda Health Home Practice located in Vevey, a lakeside community between Lausanne and Montreux in French-speaking Switzerland and in Brecht, a Flemish speaking village in Antwerpen province of Belgium.

2) Organise Seminar and Trainings with Vaidya: Ayurveda seminar on diverse topics such as Satvika Virtuous Nutrition, Ayurveda Abhyanga and Marma Massages for your student participants.

Master Classes of Ayurveda MCA is a private Ayurveda Tutorial Center offering Beginner’s Level Courses and Modular Trainings Programs on Master’s level in Vevey (CH) and Brecht (BE). The goal of MCA is to bring an India-based Authentic Ayurveda experience to meet learner’s own goals in the Ayurveda discipline.

3) Organise Prana Panchakarma Retreat with Vaidya: if you are struggling with your health on any level, it is time to make a commitment and invest in your own wellbeing with Prana Panchakarma Retreat at Brecht in Belgium or Vevey in Switzerland or arranged privately at your own place for 1 day to 5 days retreat session.

4) Organise Satvika Spiritual Solutions with Vaidya: Discover your deepest passions and find your purpose through intimate mentoring sessions (Beeja Mantra/ rituals/ Abhisheka/ Arti/ Nava Graha Puja) with Vaidya for you alone or with your partner at Brecht in Belgium or Vevey in Switzerland or arranged privately at your own place.

We begin at a early morning session with greetings to Sun God following with Satvika Ayurveda breakfast prepared by Vaidya according to your dosha/ prakriti/ body-mind type and spiritual awakening and then eventually a possibility for some more time for a total health evaluation, astrological evaluation and solution with spiritual teaching and mentoring sessions.

Coaching and Mentoring into Bhakti Ayurveda life learning and chanting Sutras of awareness.

5) Suvarna Bindu Samskara is one of the 16 essential rituals in which Suvarna bhasma (purified ash or dust of gold) is administered with fortified biological cow’s ghrita (clarified butter) prepared with herbal extracts, and mineral rich honey called as Neem enriched Honey in liquid or semisolid form.
Suvarna Bindu increases immunity power, develops resistance against common infections and guards’ from various allergies.

It builds physical strength in children and enhances physical activities, improves stamina, intellect, grasping power, sharpness, analysis power, memory recalling in a unique manner and child’s appetite.

It tones up skin colour. It reduces temper tantrums, attention deficits, bedwetting and other Neuro-psychosomatic problems.

6) Bhakti Ayurveda Tirtha Yatra – Soul of India: Vaidya’s journeys of discoveries in India – ‘Tirtha Yatra’ refers to spiritual journey; visiting and meditating at places where one can cross from the material world to the spiritual. Many sacred places are considered gateways to the higher realms and to a higher consciousness.

7) Bhakti Ayurveda Sthapatya Veda – This knowledge of sacred geometry and architecture is about your home or workplace. It is about establishing a relationship between the owner, inhabitants, house and/or building and cosmic order. It was used to design and construct the great temples can be used to design and construct homes and offices.

The most important factor is the entrance, which must be either due east or due north. While planning your home Vaidya considers the slope and shape of the lot, exposure to the rising sun, location of nearby bodies of water and the other buildings or activities in the nearby environment and the use of natural or green building materials.

  “A simple conclusion: Ayurveda is a Truly Noble Profession.”
“Do not be afraid of a small beginning. Great things come afterwards.”